0.8p min. local/national calls / 0.7p min. local/national eve / 6.7p min. mobile

Line Rental £15.30
Monthly Inclusive (£12.75 +VAT)

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Bolt-ons & Additional Services for your new Pulse8 Broadband Line

Permanently withholds your number from outgoing calls.
Allows you to divert calls to another number by pressing *21*Enter Telephone number followed by #

To divert unanswered calls press *61*Enter Telephone number followed by #

To divert calls on busy press *67*Enter Telephone number followed by #

To cancel diversions press #21# or #61# or #67#
Installation charge for a standard new telephone line.
Basic 1571 answerphone service

Allows you to dial 1571 to listen to your messages

Stores up to 10 messages for 20 days.
Lets you stop calls from people who have withheld their number.

To turn on Dial *227*

To Turn off Dial #227#
Extra 1571 answerphone service

Allows you to dial 1571 to pickup messages and record your own personal greetings.

Stores up to 30 messages for 30 days (higher recording capacity).
Advanced 1571 answerphone service

Allows you to dial 1571 to pickup messages and record your own personal greetings.

Stores up to 10 messages for 20 days.
Displays the telephone number of the person who is calling you.
Lets you know that someone is trying to call you when you are on a call by playing a stutter tone during your call.
This service allows you to bar up to 10 nominated numbers.

To Bar the last call you answered dial 14258 then Press * twice.
Removes your number from the phone book and 118 services.
Lines which have Enhanced Line Care (Care Level 3) on them have a target fault resolution time of 24 hours.
These targets apply between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Friday
If we can re-activate a stopped telephone line at your address you will only be charged £49.50
Reminder Call acts like an alarm clock. You set a time for your phone to ring and it calls you at that time.

Dial *55* to set a single reminder call
Dial *56* for repeated called the same time each day
To check reminder call is active dial *#55*
To cancel a reminder call dial #55#
A service that blocks calls to certain numbers i.e. mobiles, international. Contact Pulse8 for more details.
This service covers any potential Openreach charges to fix a fault on your line and is charged on a line by line basis.
£12.75 + VAT

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  • “You guys really earn your fees.
    A brilliant service and support when ever I need it and in a language I understand.”

    Aileen, Bristol
  • “Fab support and service, no mean feat as we are located on deepest darkest Dartmoor.”

    Colette, Dartmoor
  • “I just wanted to say thanks - since I moved to the Business Pro package my speed hasn't dropped below 6.9Mbps day or night :-)”

    Simon, Chagford
  • “By far the best supplier I have found in recent years.
    The staff are always professional, friendly and helpful, nothing to too much trouble, and customer care is excellent.”

    Angela, Taunton
  • “We are pleased with our new package offered by your efficient staff and it saves us money each month!
    Speeds very good here on the Isle of Wight!”

    Richardsons Yacht Services Ltd., Isle of Wight
  • “Such a great company, always there to help and always have the answer, great to have the support.”

    Edgemoor Hotel, Bovey Tracey
  • “Quick as a greased up monkey sliding down a teflon pole! :-)”

    Simon, Ashburton
  • “Your service is perfectly splendid.
    I LOVE it that I can call (or e-mail) and get through to an actual real-live human being instead of a brainless robot.”

    Anne Ludlow, Torbay
  • “You guys are great.
    We're very impressed with the personal service at Pulse8.
    We've been with you so long, you're almost like family.”

    Hay Books, London
  • “The "above and beyond" attitude, prompt communications, patient explanations and complete professionalism have made the set up of my mother's phone service in Devon a piece of cake. Sign up - you have found a gem.”

    Shirley, Nashville, TN, USA
  • “Support is pretty unique, real people, immediate issue resolution, even very late indeed and all done with a light touch.
    Le pur sang des ISP”

    Matthew, Surrey
  • “Thanks for fixing my flaky line.
    You may place a gold star in your company folder.”

    Alan Taylor, Sudbury
  • “Without doubt the best internet service provider I have had over a 20 year period, for either business or residential use.
    The service response is really fast and the calls are answered by professionals, who understand the technology and really do everything they can to fix a problem, if it arises.
    10 out of 10 from me and a model for customer relations for any business with a help desk.

    Thank you”

    David, Kent